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Hellmann’s Reveals Their 3D Mayonnaise Selfie Printer

3D printing seems to be a buzzwords of sorts, generally for marketers. When any new record emerges on a stage with so most promise, it seems as yet everybody wants to implement a media hum around it to pull mayo-3attention to their possess products or services. We have seen this with Oreo, when they combined a 3D cookie printer, that authorised business to personalize a topping within a cookie, and we have seen it with large other companies around the world.  Everyone seems to be articulate about 3D printing now-a-days, so businesses figure that if they can somehow incorporate a record into their operations, afterwards they too will be a speak of a town.


Recently Hellmann’s denounced a video of what they call a 3D mayonnaise printer. It’s not only a mayonnaise printer though, it’s a mayonnaise selfie generator of sorts. The printer itself utilizes a delta drudge setup to extrude mayonnaise from a standard Hellmann’s fist bottle. The printer was placed within a food lorry in a rarely trafficked area in England. The attendant in a food lorry would take a imitation of a participant, send a imitation to a printer, around an surrogate software, and 3D imitation a mimic out of mayonnaise in a correspondence of a chairman on a hamburger.  After that, it was wholly adult to a particular either or not they cared to eat a burger mayo-1open-faced, staring during their mimic as they punch into it, or tip it with a other half of a bun, staining a imitation like a H2O tone portrayal in a thunderstorm.

The 3D printer, and a video compared with it, are part of a debate by Hellmann’s called ‘Hellmann’s Summer Hacks’. The ubiquitous campaign, that is targeted towards a United Kingdom, is formed around ‘life hacks’, where people come adult with all sorts of crafty tricks, shortcuts, and ideas to make life easier and some-more enjoyable. Throughout a months of Jul and August, Hellmann’s will be releasing brief clips like a one below, where crafty ideas are incited into displays of summer fun. Additionally they will be releasing videos that advise ways to reuse dull mayonnaise jars in creative, fun ways.

Based on a video, it appears that a printer does in fact do a decent job. Of course, printing a salsa like mayonnaise onto a severe textured hamburger will not accurately concede for portraits allied to a Mona Lisa.  With that said, we consider that Hellmann’s achieved what they had set out to accomplish, producing a video that will widespread virally over a net, equating to some cheap effective publicity. After all, we only lonesome it, right?

Let us know what we consider about this artistic selling tactic by Hellmann’s, in a 3D mayonaise printer forum thread on  Check out a video below:


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