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QU-BD Combo CNC Mill And 3D Printer Pre-Order Interview

I’ve been observant for a while that there’s zero inherently costly about 3D printing technology…at slightest not a FFF type. Assuming a record becomes some-more renouned over a subsequent few years (which we do) we don’t see any reason given 3D printers couldn’t turn as cheap and entire as 2D printers.

However, 3D printing has weaknesses, not a slightest of that is that it can’t work in metal.* You can take a cosmetic tools and expel steel tools from them, though a feverishness and gases have side effects that nobody in their right mind would ever concede inside a house. It is probable to work steel by machining it in a tiny CNC mill, as demonstrated by a palliate of anticipating a desktop indent on Google. Since 3D printers and CNC mills avocation so similarly, given not mix both functions into one machine?

QU-BD is operative on that. Openalia interviewed them behind when they were entrance off of a successful bid to Kickstarter their possess thermoplastic extruder. Now they’ve arrived during a categorical event, a beta Rapid Prototyping Mill (RPM) pre-order. This pattern is critical given it has a intensity to emanate all of a (non-electrical) tools for a 3D printer, including a possess extruder. Read by a talk with Chelsea Thompson after a burst to learn a small bit about a RPM and a Revolution, that is an all-metal support 3D printer.

* I’m tying a research to stream technology. Sure, there competence be an unforeseen breakthrough in materials scholarship in a nearby future, though that’s a opposite discussion.

Are there skeleton to recover design documents for a extruder, control row and/or the RPM?

Yes, we have modeled all in Solidworks from a commencement so we will be releasing those as good as STL versions. Lots of programs can import STL files though not everybody has entrance to Solidworks so we are going to be releasing both.

I’m confused by separating a RPM from a logging components. Isn’t a whole indicate of a rigid support and absolute motors to concede for milling? Do we pattern anyone to squeeze a RPM and afterwards usually do 3D printing with it?

We have had 3 of a units that we have presold be purchased though a logging package. We do pattern some people to use it for 3D printing usually as it has a HUGE build area and is unequivocally accurate.

At 70 lbs does a RPM max out a measure and weight we can ship?

…shipping was a imprisonment as we didn’t wish to have to have a burden association boat it.

What are a stipulations of a motorist software?

It would be good to be means to use a singular program package to laser indicate a part, afterwards 3D imitation it, afterwards indent a part, etc.

It looks like a primary resource for allowing fast 3D printing and clever logging in a same package is a span of reversible pulleys, is that accurate?

The reversible crane do concede an effective gearing to concede high speeds or high-torque and fortitude modes.

Is there a identical approach to change a ratio for the z axis?

Yes nonetheless we found it to be unecessary on a Z-Axis, given it moves some-more than quick adequate for 3D printing and has copiousness of fortitude and torque for milling.

What arrange of synergy would we contend you’ve achieved by make-up both facilities into a same machine?

For now, coherence is a RPMs biggest strength.

Since you’ve got some veteran machinists hanging around, can we illustrate any killer applications for a printing/milling combo machine? For example, can a RPM furnish all a tools for the extruder?

The RPM can indeed furnish all a machined tools for itself and a extruder, save for a extraneous panels that are incomparable than a build area, solely a screws. However, with a 4th pivot connection theoretically we should be means to make a screws, nonetheless we haven’t attempted that yet!

It sounds like we guys are overhanging for the fence with this design. Can we review a cost and opening (or other features) to existing printing/milling combos like a WhiteAnt and Zen?

Let me initial contend that a WhiteAnt and Zen CNC desirous us though they aren’t unequivocally an apples to apples comparison. Both are DIY public and use significantly lighter avocation assemblies, however they are also both reduction costly by a flattering large domain as compared to a RPM.

It looks like all 4 corners of a z pivot are driven.

It is unusual. The reason we chose to expostulate a Z-Axis on all 4 corners is given of balance. Despite creation it some-more formidable (by requiring some-more precision) to manufacture, what we found, was that linear orientation were not accurate adequate to forestall deflection during drilling operations. We aren’t handling underneath a same pattern considerations as many 3D printers or light-duty mills.

Along those same lines, we have to acknowledge to being confused by a pattern of a Revolution. If it’s just a 3D printer given does it need such a strong metal frame? are there dual motors any for a x and y axes? Are a motors for a z axis underneath it?

The some-more firm a support a aloft a accuracy, speed and repeatability it will have. Considering that a Revolution and Revolution XL are allied cost correct with a lot of other machines on a marketplace consider of it as a some-more strong height for giveaway (and a smaller footprint too)! Yes there are dual motors on X-Y and Z (underneath a printer along with a energy supply and electronics).

Is a Revolution ostensible to be means to do light logging (like PCBs) in a future?

We haven’t tested a Revolution or RXL with any light avocation logging nonetheless we don’t see given it wouldn’t work.

You’ve been to Maker Faire, finalized the mechanical design, and stretched a upgrades. What have we guys schooled given a final interview?

There is a critical need for a retailer that has high quality, inexpensive crane and belts…we are going to try to step adult to be that supplier. We were going crazy with how most they cost and how vitriolic a shopping knowledge was.

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